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photo credit : * by *haco*


photo credit : * by *haco*

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“i can’t breathe”

“i can’t breathe”

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The goblin shark (Mitsukurina owstoni) is a deep-sea shark, the sole living species in the family Mitsukurinidae. The most distinctive characteristic of the goblin shark is the unusual shape of its head. It has a long, trowel-shaped, beak-like rostrum or snout, much longer than other sharks’ snouts. Some other distinguishing characteristics of the shark are the color of its body, which is mostly pink, and its long, protrusible jaws. When the jaws are retracted, the shark resembles a pinkish sand tiger shark, Carcharias taurus, with an unusually long nose.

Mitsukurina owstoni is found in the deep ocean, far below where the sun’s light can reach at depths greater than 200 m. They can be found throughout the world, from Australia in the Pacific Oceanto the Gulf of Mexico in the Atlantic Ocean. They are best known from the waters around Japan, where the species was first discovered.  Goblin sharks feed on a variety of organisms that live in deep waters. Among some of their known prey are deep-sea squid, crabs, and deep-sea fish. Very little is known about the species’ life history and reproductive habits, as encounters with them have been relatively rare. As seemingly rare as they are however, there seems to be no real threat to their populations and so they are not classified as endangered species by the IUCN. [read more

And this explain why the fuck i have fear for sharks. JESUS!

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When Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is preparing to draw Rose (Kate Winslet), he tells her to “Over on the bed… the couch.” The line was scripted “Over on that couch”, but DiCaprio made an honest mistake and James Cameron liked it so much he kept it in.

fun fact everybody

So really, he fucks up in every film he’s in, but the director always decides to keep it going

maybe that’s why he hasn’t got an oscar 

You better take that back


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